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List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
SU-K 855Mercedes-Benz O530 C2??NoYesLink
SU-K 271Mercedes-Benz O530 C2??NoYesLink
SU-K 1730Mercedes-Benz O405N???NoNoLink
SU-K 1750Mercedes-Benz O405N???NoNoLink
SU-K 236Mercedes-Benz O405N???NoNoLink
SU-K 156Mercedes-Benz O53020012001?NoNoLink
SU-K 775Mercedes-Benz O53020012001NoYesLink
SU-K 810Mercedes-Benz O530200120012016NoNoLink
MZN-716Mercedes-Benz O530200320032010NoNoLink
EN-AD 1800Mercedes-Benz O530200320032009NoNoLink
SU-K 772Mercedes-Benz O53020042004NoYesLink
SU-K 773Mercedes-Benz O53020042004NoYesLink
SU-K 424Mercedes-Benz O53020052005NoYesLink
SU-K 529Mercedes-Benz O53020052005NoYesLink
SU-K 610Mercedes-Benz O530 II20062006NoYesLink
SU-K 622Mercedes-Benz O530 II20062006NoYesLink
SU-K 737Mercedes-Benz O530 II20072007NoYesLink
SU-K 951Mercedes-Benz O530 II20082008?NoNoLink
SU-K 640Mercedes-Benz O530LE II20092009NoYesLink
SU-K 292Mercedes-Benz O530 II20092009NoYesLink
SU-K 427Mercedes-Benz O530 II20092009NoYesLink
SU-K 560Mercedes-Benz O530LE II20102010NoYesLink
SU-K 398Mercedes-Benz O530 II20102010NoYesLink
SU-K 590Mercedes-Benz O530LE II20102010NoYesLink
SU-K 396Mercedes-Benz O530LE II20112011NoYesLink
SU-K 585Mercedes-Benz O530 C220122013NoYesLink
SU-K 863Scania CK280UB 4x2 LB20132013NoYesLink
SU-K 862Scania CK280UB 4x2 LB20132013NoYesLink
SU-K 173Mercedes-Benz O530 C220142014NoYesLink
SU-K 270Mercedes-Benz O530 C220142018NoYesErtl OchsenhausenLink
SU-K 611Mercedes-Benz O530 C220152015NoYesLink
SU-K 537Mercedes-Benz O530 C220152015NoYesLink
SU-K 613Mercedes-Benz O530 C220152015NoYesLink
SU-K 620Mercedes-Benz O530LE C220172017NoYesLink
SU-K 545Mercedes-Benz O530LE C220172017NoYesLink
SU-K 370Mercedes-Benz O530LE C220172017NoYesLink
SU-K 240Mercedes-Benz O530LE C220172017NoYesLink
SU-K 703Mercedes-Benz O530 C220182018NoYesLink
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