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List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
2552Konstal 105Na19802017NoYesMPK WrocławLink
DW 781HERenault FR1 TE1987200620082014NoNoLink
ZPY 55NHIveco TurboDaily 59-12199520032004NoNoLink
GKW 97RVSetra S315 HD1995200520062010NoNoLink
WPU 45564Autosan H9-21.41199620102018NoNoTorpol PoznańLink
PKR Y098Iveco TurboDaily 45-121996199620032016NoNoLink
CMG 26FPMercedes-Benz 312 D1996200520072013NoNo? MyszkówLink
KOS 13508Mercedes-Benz 312 D199720032010NoNo? PuławyLink
PZ 94075Volkswagen LT 35 TDI199820002006NoNoLink
POT 04U9Renault Tracer199820132017NoNoLink
NOS 03KJMercedes-Benz 312 D199920032007NoNoLink
PZ 5389EMercedes-Benz 313 CDI2000?2003NoNoEurobus DopiewoLink
KWA 3L37Mercedes-Benz 311 CDI200220062007NoNoLink
PKN 87708Autosan H9-21.41S200220162018NoNoUG RakówLink
TSK 31301Mercedes-Benz O815 Medio200220132015NoNo? GdańskLink
DMI 27029Setra S317 UL20032019NoYesALSA MadridLink
DPL 23831Mercedes-Benz 315 CDI2006201120162020NoNoExpres PrzysuchaLink
NO 8612LMercedes-Benz 515 CDI200820132015NoNoLink
DMI 28727Autosan A0909L.06.0120092020NoYesFeniks V GliwiceLink
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