Omnibus Reisedienst ''Der Tempelhofer'' KG August Ach GmbH & Co.

Der Tempelhofer (Der Tempelhofer ) Berlin ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
B-AA 740Van Hool T917 Altano??NoYesLink
B-AA 3610Mercedes-Benz O530??NoYesLink
B-CN 7700Mercedes O3071976NoYesLink
104B-RR 717MAN SD 200197820072012NoNoBVG BerlinLink
102B-CM 9933Neoplan N1221984NoYesLink
44B-AA 7142Neoplan N1221986NoYesLink
110B-AA 237MAN SD20219862009NoYesBVG BerlinLink
108B-AA 602MAN SD20219892008NoYesBVG BerlinLink
106L-OF 44MAN SD202198920082013NoNoBVG BerlinLink
109B-A 2480MAN SD20219892008NoYesBVG BerlinLink
118B-A 1029MAN SD20219902009NoYesBVG BerlinLink
107B-AA 992MAN SD20219912008NoYesBVG BerlinLink
105B-EE 9548MAN SD20219922007NoYesBVG BerlinLink
27B-AA 1709Mercedes-Benz O405N19922010NoYesBVG BerlinLink
120B-AA 5003Neoplan N426/31993NoYesLink
112B-AA 955MAN ND20219952009NoYesBVG BerlinLink
115B-A 9810MAN ND20219952010NoYesBVG BerlinLink
116B-A 3536MAN ND20219952009NoYesBVG BerlinLink
117B-AA 724MAN ND20219952009NoYesBVG BerlinLink
113B-AA 226MAN ND20219952010NoYesBVG BerlinLink
111B-AA 355MAN ND20219952009NoYesBVG BerlinLink
114B-AA 973MAN ND20219952010NoYesBVG BerlinLink
26L-LB 1111Mercedes-Benz O405N2199520092015NoNoBVG BerlinLink
25MON-V 1112Mercedes-Benz O405N2 CNG199520092015NoNoBVG BerlinLink
29 IIL-LB 8888Mercedes-Benz O405N2199620102015NoNoHVL PotsdamLink
303B-AA 2260Mercedes-Benz O53019972017NoYesRöttgen StadtsteinachLink
1574B-MA 4900MAN NL313-1520002015NoYesBVG BerlinLink
305B-AA 5110MAN NL313-1520002015NoYesBVG BerlinLink
313B-AA 5210MAN NL313-1520002017NoYesHufnagl AachenLink
B-V 1331Mercedes-Benz O53020022017NoYesBVG BerlinLink
302B-AA 1470Mercedes-Benz O53020022015NoYesBVG BerlinLink
317B-AA 3317MAN NL26320042018NoYesBVG BerlinLink
unbekanntB-AA 5318Mercedes-Benz O53020052018NoYesBVG BerlinLink
321B-AA 5319Mercedes-Benz O53020052018NoYesBVG BerlinLink
B-AA 3930Scania LK 440 EB6x2*4NI OmniExpress 3.6020132014NoYesGeißler Reisen EilenburgLink
B-AA 3920Scania LK 440 EB6x2*4NI OmniExpress 3.6020132014NoYesGeißler Reisen EilenburgLink
B-AA 410Van Hool T917 Altano20132013NoYesLink
B-AA 3940Scania LK 440 EB6x2*4NI OmniExpress 3.6020132014NoYesGeißler Reisen EilenburgLink
B-AA 3910Scania LK 440 EB6x2*4NI OmniExpress 3.6020132014NoYesGeißler Reisen EilenburgLink
119B-AA 906Neoplan N426/3NoYesLink
B-CU 6919Neoplan N122NoYesLink
B-AA 2994Neoplan N122/3NoYesLink
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