Kravtex Kft.

Kravtex (Kravtex) Győr ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
CCJ-332Ikarus 250197219942017NoNoBKV BudapestLink
MIY-695Kravtex Credo Citadell 12200920092013NoNoLink
MIY-696Kravtex Credo Citadell 19201020102013NoNoLink
P-00694Credo EN9,5201020102011NoNoLink
Kravtex Credo LH1220112011NoYesLink
Kravtex Credo EN9,520112011NoYesLink
MIY-697Kravtex Credo Citadell 12201120112013NoNoLink
MIY-698Kravtex Credo Citadell 19201120112013NoNoLink
MHK-091Credo Econell 12201120112013NoNoLink
P-02601Credo Inovell 12 (IC 12)201220122012NoNoLink
MNY-926Credo Inovell 12201320132014NoNoLink
P-06215Credo Econell 12 City201320132013NoNoLink
MNY-934Credo Inovell 12201320132014NoNoLink
HB 51-42Credo Econell 12201420142016NoNoLink
HB 51-41Credo Econell 12201420142016NoNoLink
PNH-647Credo Econell 12 City³201620162018NoNoLink
PPG-731Credo Econell 13 City³201720172018NoNoLink
P-03862Credo Econell 1220182018NoYesLink
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