Przewozy Autokarowe Stanisław Krzysztof Cichowski

Cichowski Stanisław (Cichowski Stanislaw) Długosiodło ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
GKW 98A7Setra S215 H199120092014NoNoLink
WWY 25615Mercedes-Benz O303-9KHP-A19922011NoYesLink
CIN 02793Autosan H9-21.41199620042007NoNo? WrocławLink
WWY 6E25Autosan H10-12.16199720052014NoNoLink
KWA 07171Autosan H9-21.411999200520092017NoNoLink
WWY 01107Autosan H9-21.41199920062013NoNoLink
NPI 20440Setra S315 GT200020132018NoNo? KrakówLink
WWY 42914Setra S315 GT20002015NoYesLimousin Périgord Brive-la-GaillardeLink
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